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    In the News today


    A national children's charity has released an app that helps youngsters to keep in control of their texting. Full details of this can be found on

    If you feel that a texting situation you are involved in, has got out of control then don't try to deal with it on your own, speak to someone you can trust, be it your parents/ guardians, teachers or in our case youth supervisor Maria Angel at the N-Factor, who is the Child Protection Liaison Officer within the capacity of the youth club and would be pleased to help talk over any problems.

    Note for parents/ guardians

    Behind the scenes our youth club works hard to ensure that it remains a safe environment for our youth club members to enjoy themselves and as a result, we constantly review our Safeguarding Children, Safer Recruitment Policies & Procedures. Taking on board the CRB and Barring Disclosure (DBS) changes that took place in September 2012, we have included our own additional measures as an indication of our commitment to do our utmost to remain a highly reputable, trustworthy and safe youth club for all our members.

    A full set of our Safeguarding Children, Safer Recruitment policies and procedures are available within the youth club records for inspection and can be examined by appointment for your own perusal. Further information on the subject can be found on the Surrey Safeguarding Children's Board website


    N-Factor Safeguarding Children, Safer Recruitment Policies & Procedures

    1. Safeguarding Children/ Child Protection Policies & Reporting


    2. Physical Intervention & Positive Handling policy

    3. Anti-Bullying policy

    4. Racism & Equality policy

    5. Health & Safety policy

    6. Dealing with Allegations policy

    7. Safe Recruitment policy

    8. Youth Supervisor Training Log

    9. Youth Supervisor Development Log

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