September, 2012

In the light of recent changes to the Disclosures and Barring service (formerly CRB), we as a youth club take our responsibilities very seriously and have revised our Safeguarding Children, Safer Recruitment policies and procedures. As a result, do not solely rely on the application form enquiries that we receive from our two main sources of candidate screenings, be it VASWS and WAVS, we also provide our own youth supervisors with an application pack that requires completion, with two references followed up by telephone communication prior to a pre-telephone interview, the candidate is then invited for a thorough interview with myself, CEO and our Deputy CEO, where afterwards a Safer Recruitment Risk Assessment is completed to assist us in our decision making and an Enhanced CRB check is done, prior to deciding to take on a youth supervisor to start our Induction, Training and Development Youth Supervisor programme. That supervisor is then allocated a role as Tuck Shop supervisor in the kitchen area of the youth club for the first six months of their youth work experience, when after six months we do another Safer Recruitment Risk Assessment in order to promote them to the main hall activity area. We work hard to improve our Safeguarding Children, Safer Recruitment policies and procedures and therefore expect that all volunteer youth supervisors sign the annually revised Safeguarding set of policies and allow us to complete annual online Enhanced DBS checks as part of our routine in our youth club.

September 4th, 2012

Disco night with indoor football tournaments begin in the Autumn term.

Summer 2012

February 7th, 2012
Youth club temporarily goes monthly opening from weekly to improve logistical issues with other village hall users.Other hall users have been coming in to pick up chairs and tables from the store cupboard whilst we are in operation and as a result, we consider it compromises our level of safeguarding practices, hence we have taken the decision to go monthly until we are able to either change our night of opening or more storage space can be included in the smaller hall. The second alternative is presently being developed, so we will keep you in touch regards that respect.


January 10th, 2012
Supervisors and the young people held a positive feedback session with SCYP Programme, Activities & Club servicing manager, who provided excellent guidance and advice regards our main challenge of overcoming cultural barriers within our community and the resistance to change.


January, 2012
The N-Factor receives a donation as arranged by the local Tesco Community Champion Sue Keeley, with a wonderful offer of a further visit to run a non-alcoholic cocktail session in our cookery club.