With wonderful community awards in recognition of our work...

The Surrey High Sheriff Youth Award 2009
The Surrey High Sheriff Youth Award 2010

The N-Factor Normandy Youth Club continues to be an exciting and innovative youth club that not only seeks to provide an out of school hours leisure facility in a rural community, but also concentrated its efforts in targeting young people from disadvantaged and marginalised communities in Normandy Parish and the surrounding hamlets. 



We remain a pioneering club in providing NEET support and mentoring and culturally sensitive youth-work in our local rural community. 

With boredom-related youth crime radically reduced since it's inception, the youth club has given children and young people the opportunity to engage in their community, turn around the older generation's attitude towards the youth presence and has become an innovative platform to showcase the talents of its members, with talent performances, fashion shows, creative art & photographic competitions and dance competition routines. 

It is hoped that at some point in the future a dedicated youth club room can be created so that the project can remain in perpetuity, as a legacy to the youngsters of Normandy.